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What is the Clerk

The Arizona Superior Court resolves cases involving civil, criminal, family, juvenile, mental health, probate and tax matters. 

In this role, the Clerk’s Office is responsible for many of the Court’s customer facing services. 

The position and office of the Clerk of Superior Court was established in the State Constitution to serve the citizens, legal community and Judicial Branch of government as the Superior Court’s official recordkeeper and fiduciary. 

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The specific and special duties of the Office are identified in over 500 state statutes and court rules and listed below are just a few.

  • Provide public access to court records.

  • Maintain a docket outlining case events.

  • Document the actions of all court sessions.

  • Receive, distribute, and preserve official court documents.

  • Receive filings for Superior Court cases.

  • Collect and disburse fees, fines, and victim restitution.

  • Provide family support services.

  • Receipt, manage and store evidence and exhibits.

  • Issue and record marriage licenses.

  • Process passport applications.

Jeff and his leadership team at an annual planning session..png

Jeff and his leadership team at an annual planning session.

Jeff and His Management Team.png

The Clerk is responsible for overseeing a staff of 650, a budget of $57 million, supporting more than 160 judges and commissioners, serving a constituency of over four million, and operating an office that serves one of the top five largest counties and trial court systems in the nation.

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While it would be easy to think that the role of the Clerk’s Office is about managing documents, data, and finances; Jeff Fine and his team believe that ultimately their work is about people's lives, their families, property, liberty, safety, and justice. In a recent strategic planning process, Jeff’s team coined the phrase “Start with People” and memorialized it in their strategic vision as a reminder of the importance of their work. Learn more on the other pages of this site.

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